Mexico || Travel Photography

A couple weeks ago, I had the chance to go to Progreso, Mexico, a port city in the Yucatan. It was my third visit there, and it gets better every time.  So here's a little bit of the history

My dad went to seminary with a wonderful pastor from Progreso. His family lived above us in seminary housing. I have very sweet memories of his wife braiding my hair and giving me popsicles on the front porch. Anyways, they went to a church in Progreso, and we went to the church we are at now. For the past ten years, our church has been visiting Iglesia Presbyteriana Jesus (IPJ) and they've come to see us. Friendship!

This year we helped with IPJ's VBS, and it is a sight to see. In putting on VBS, we got to work with the youth group, who learn choreographed square-dances, paint impressive western themed sets, and deal with us crazy gringos all at the same time! They go ALL out for these children, and it's phenomenal.

IPJ, thank you for giving us so much more than we could ever give to you. Thank you for teaching us how to love our city, how to serve in the church, and how to live in Christian community. This relationship between our churches is a vivid picture of how the church is supposed to work.