2014 | Looking Back

Florida. California. Tennessee. South Carolina. North Carolina. Washington, DC. Road trips. Airplanes. Colleges. Interviews. Essays. Resumes. Books. Acceptances. Rejections. Rest. Adventures. Celebrations. Goodbyes. Conclusions. Fresh starts. New beginnings.

2014 has been a big one. So much has changed for both me and the people I love--address, job, school, interests, friendships. Reassuringly, much is still the same. I write this in the same home I wrote this post last year. I took these photos on the same camera I did last year. Change can be both a positive and negative experience. I can happily say that the change that did happen in 2014 has been unexpectedly, but overwhelming good

The biggest change was finishing high school and moving to Washington, DC to go to college. It was a busy and tough end, but I loved high school and wouldn't have it any other way. Then came DC. Washington was not always where I thought I would end up. It has, however, taught me more than I knew to hope for. For example: Dealing with "weather" is both awesome and frustrating. Leaving your comfort zone is hard and stressful, but exciting and rewarding and worth it. A good breakfast sandwich can change your life. Days revolve around coffee. Most importantly though, 2014 was full of life-giving people: the new and the old, the far away and the down-the-hall. They come from different cities, states, nations, continents, ideas, schools, jobs, majors, and backgrounds. They are the ones who have shaped my year more than any other factor. 

If you've been reading my blog for any amount of time at all, you know that I express myself best through images. Photography is how I curate my experience, how I choose to explain what matters to me. I can write all I want, but it will make more sense in photos.

 Here are the places & the people.