Today, I join the crowd of "Flipstagrams" and "Best of 2013" blog and Instagram posts that have flooded cyberspace over the last week in looking back on yet another year.

I am, perhaps, most struck by the fleeting nature of 2013. It came and went faster than any year before it, or so it feels.  I didn't read as many books as I wanted, go on nearly all the adventures I had planned, or stay as true to those New Year's resolutions as I had hoped. When I look back on 2013, however, I'd rather focus on the events that did fill those 365 days, rather than those that remained absent. God has, again, been faithful to me. He helped me through two very difficult semesters of school, gave me direction when I really needed it, and opened quite a few doors. 2013 saw the start of new friendships and the deepening older ones.  I started a new website, read some good books, and had great conversations. It would be foolish to not reflect on the whole lot of good that 2013 has held. 

This is a collection of my favorite photographic moments of 2013. I'm grateful for the people that fill these frames and the places I took them.

Here's to a New Year, one that is sure to see its fair share of change. I'm looking forward to meeting you, 2014.