Life in the District // Washington, D.C.

I move to Washington, D.C., our nation's capitol in less than THREE WEEKS to attend the George Washington University in order to study History + International Affairs. 

When I sit down and really consider that statement, it's a little overwhelming. This is unreal, I mean it CAN NOT be real, can it? 

I have always loved city life. I mean, cities are fascinating! They weren't always around, but people started to realize that they were more productive when they lived closer together. There's so much energy in so little space! Cities are places where men and women work together and change the world, but in really high concentration per square mile style. As a former and recovering commuter, I'm excited to simply live near my school and my friends. But I'm also excited for the reality of a uniquely city college experience: living in tight community with all district of columbia citizens, whether that be on the metro, in line for coffee, in the parks, or at museums. It'll have its ups and downs, but it will be incredible. 

But when I go back to that statement, the idea of THREE WEEKS still does not feel tangible.
And it probably won't until I've been dropped off and put my head on the pillow that first night. 

Until then, raise high my friends.