I love Jesus Christ, my two joyful parents, + my two wild siblings.

I love the incredible friends I've luckily found in my city, across the country, + around the world.

I like to read, write, run, explore, watercolor, ride my bike, + drink hot beverages.  

I love history, a good story, quality foam on my latte, + good music in my ears.

I am loud and horribly ungraceful, but I will never stop dancing or singing.

I'm from a small town in Florida, but am currently living my city dream in Washington, DC! 

I like to go places, and I'd like to see the whole wide world.

I can't really remember when I started taking pictures or why, but here I am.

A storyteller, a photographer.   

Naturally, I find that pictures say it best.  So without further adieu,
This is Lydia, + she takes pictures.



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