Gothenberg, Sweden

Gothenberg, Sweden

Lydia Francis is a persons and places photographer who lives in Washington, DC. 

She is compelled by the documentary power of the photograph. There’s something in all of us that ceaselessly tries to hold on to the most intangible of all – time. We have our own ways of marking it, and Lydia’s is through making photographs. She believes that photography is a choice of how to remember a moment, a relationship, a place, or a history. She is particularly interested in spaces and personal narrative. 

For Lydia, photography is an investment in curiosity.

When she is not photographing, editing, or writing papers, she can be found looking at art with friends, on her bike, or eating something fun in DC. She studies history and french.

For booking and print inquiries contact Lydia. She is based in NW Washington, DC, but is available for travel (in fact, she loves it).